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As I am reaching the end of my second year, there is so much I have learnt about myself. And although my placement has been really rewarding and encouraged me to go in a certain direction after my degree, I am still considering other avenues to explore.

At the beginning of the year, I really had not given my career much thought. I felt as though I had to make a quick decision when I was asked to get a work placement and chose the path I felt I already had experience in and would thrive in the most.


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So, picture this… a new placement, new skills, new people, weird circumstances (zoom)… I had just about managed to settle into my new ‘environment. I felt calm, comfortable, and tackled each week head on. I was paired with my mentor; we got on amazingly, everything was going great!

Then I get asked the dreaded question….

‘Phoebe will you do a mentor share next week to the group?’ AAAAAAAAH! I am not okay with doing presentations!! Even group presentations make me nervous! But this was me, alone, everyone watching… everyone listening! …

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Starting a new work placement is daunting enough, without the added pressure of it all being online!

With lockdown brought many challenges for continuing with life as ‘normal’ (whatever normal is). And this new way of living life on zoom was a massive adjustment for me! Meeting new people and creating a strong relationship with them all in 2D is something I never thought I would ever have to do! Let alone be comfortable with! There were so many possible problems/ scenarios racing around and around my brain! What if my laptop battery dies? What if my internet connection goes…

Too busy doubting myself to acknowledge my true worth…..

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Throughout my life, I have always taken the unconventional path…. Some may say I have done things completely backwards. Having children at a young age whilst living at home with my mum, not being married, then deciding it was a good idea to move out and stand on my own two feet… I had not even thought about my career.

Suddenly I have so many responsibilities, and I have two little human beings looking up to me for guidance (Yikes!). I was in and out of little jobs which would never…

Phoebe Holland

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